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Issued on 2/27 by Weekly Jungle 


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Issued on 3/26 by NY Seikatsu Press


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Reviewed by Rock Of Japan

Detroit7 and Third Star From The Earth, which the first three of these 
songs come from, make it seem that DETROIT7 are giving up 
some of the experimental stretching of Great Romantic
and locking themselves into a hard-rockin' mode, one with a rough
and dirty edge. Ah, but they're great at the edgy hard rock, 
and they continue to throw in sidesteps and odd arrangements 
that happily keep things off balance.

I'd like to hear Nabana croon more. Still, her guitar playing, 
like a rude, spastic Hendrix, is regularly brilliant. 
So, if they just keep rocking, I'll happily keep bouncing off the walls.

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Reviewed by Unchained.

detroit7 rocks the US, your face

detroit7 has a lot of balls, and for a group with two chicks in it, that's saying something. Having previously done the Japan Nite tour and appeared at SXSW, the group is attempting to attract even more attention by releasing their first US debut album, detroit7, on March 10. With a right-up-in-your-face style and vocals that are half-conversational, half-argumentative, this trio is prepared to take their act to the next level--and they want you to come with them. 

detroit7 is the first band to join the new California-based Daruma Label, and detroit7 will thusly be the first DL release to hit the US. If you're interested in picking up a copy of the album, I encourage you to do so right here. The CD won't be "officially" released until March, but it's available for purchase right now, so grab it before anybody else does! And keep an eye on Daruma Label, too--they're looking for more Japanese bands to bring to the US, so the more you support them, the more likely it is that you'll be seeing a couple more domestic releases sometime in the future.

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Do you know what the DARUMA means?

We grab the explanation from Wikipedia.
If you have a chance, please take a look at this!!!

Daruma dolls, also known as dharma dolls, are hollow and round Japanese wish dolls with no arms or legs, modeled after Bodhidarma the doundeer and first patriach of ZEN.

Typical colors are red (most common), yellow,  green and white.  The dolls have a face with a mustache and beard, but its eyes only contain the color white.  Using black ink, one fills in a single circular eye while thinking of a wish.  Should the wish later come true, the second eye is filled in.  It is traditional to fill in the left eye first; the right eye is left blank until the wish is fulfilled.

From Wikipedia...

Daruma Dolls are also lucky item, so get it if you wish somthing!


daruma logo without text.png

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Thank you for visiting new label, Daruma Label Website!

You might not know Daruma, so we explain about this label.

Daruma Label, Inc.
Established in Los Angeles in 2009, Daruma is a brand new record label focused on Japanese artists with no genre boundaries.  This fresh, new branch of Domo Records (the label of Grammy Winning Japanese recording artist, KITARO) nurtures Japanese acts of outstanding originality and showcases excellent live performances to United States audiences.  Domo Records' 15 years of experience will guide Daruma's special focus in bringing the Japanese niche market into the mainstream of pop culture, unleashing a whole new spectrum of music.

Crossing borders of both language and nations, Daruma will be the record label for the new generation.




Do you get the idea of our label?
If so, join our label or send us what kind of music you want to listen!

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Daruma Label blog will be opening soon.
Please check back later!
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