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Japan Nite was finally over....!!

The final stage was a Knitting Factory in LA, and it was packed with the great audience!
Daruma staffs visited to support detroit7's show and we were soooo excited at their energetic live performance.
We are happy to have such a great band in our label.
We just love them!

We really thank all of you who came to see Japan Nite and/or bought detroit7 CD!!!  Even though US tour was over, we keep supporting detroit7.
They will start the Europe tour soon and we will report it as much as we can.

And we will introduce more bands soon!
So, stay tuned :)

By Daruma Staff







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Hey people!
Check out this cool website!

JSHOXX was formed to help introduce and bring JROCK across the world through internet radio streaming. They play real JROCK and you could discover your favorite bands / songs which you've never heard of. You can request the songs for radio host show.

And, next week, they will feature detroit 7 and play their songs in a new music show! Wow!! You can listen to that show on next Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 1pm.

Don't miss it!!

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Issued on 3/20/09 by US FrontLine

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detroit7 has finished 6 shows so far
and they got great feedback !

Their tour report has been updated at detroit7 MySpace.

Please check it !

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SXSW '09 is just over, and over fifteen thousand people came to this huge music event to discover new talents or to have some crazy parties!
Japan Nite started in 1996, and many Japanese bands have played there including Puffy, Oreska Band, ELLEGARDEN and so on.
With this as a start, some bands grabbed their chances to debut in the U.S, and achieved big success. Bands found their ways to burst onto the music scene in the US.
It may not be too much to say that Japan Nite has been the gateway to success for Japanese bands.
And as all of you seeing our website know, we, Daruma Label, released the US debut album for one of the bands performing at Japan Nite this year. We are now so exciting to receive feedbacks from you guys!

We will update photos soon!

By Daruma staff

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Reviewed by Sara Crane

The first US release from "garage rock" artists detroit7 is a self titled Daruma Label release. "Garage rock" may well indeed be the best thing to call this band, for those who feel a need to categorize, as they defy all mainstream classification. Not punk, not jazz, and not strictly rock, this band incorporates strains of all three, plus may more.

Probably the most striking thing about detroit7's music is the style of vocalist Nabana's voice. Her vocals are typically in the lower ranges, and throaty, and she seems to have a never ending supply of "vocal tricks" up her sleeve. One thing is for sure, you can NEVER say the vocals on a detroit7 song are boring.

Once you drag yourself away from concentrating solely on the vocals, you'll notice the guitar work. Every bit as interesting as her vocal work, Nabana's guitar fiffs can only be called "kick ass".

And let's not forget the rest of the band. Drummer Miyoko Yamaguchi knows her stuff, serving up solid, hard core drum lines in every tune. Bassist Nobuaki Kotajima is every bit as talented as his female band mates, supporting each piece with solid and varied bass lines. Many bands fall flat in the bass department, but not detroit7. Listeners will find themselves concentrating on the heavy hitting bass work just as often as the guitars.

It's difficult to pick this album apart to review, without taking up pages and pages. Literally every tune on this CD has some noteworthy aspect, be it the  chorus of "In the Sunshine", the funky vocals in "Mr. Kato on the road", the sexy bass line of "Zelda", or the ever present drums that somehow manage to be simultaneously pounding and melodic, "detroit7" is a must for any rock fan, regardless of one's penchant for Japanese bands. This is a CD anyone can enjoy.

Long Story short; This disc is catchier than than the Plague. Go get it!

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Reviewed by Zac Bentz

The hard rockin' trio that is Detroit7 will be embarking on a world tour this month, hitting up SXSW and the Japan Nite tour in American, then stomping over to the rest of the world in April. Their apperance in the States is being heralded with the release of their self-titled album on the Daruma label.

Along with a host of mini albums and EP's it's the band's third full-length album and shows the band in top form. They blast through their 10 songs in 30 minutes. From the starting shot of "In the Sunshine" to the head thumping closer "Lovers Fight," it's a solid block of swaggering guitars, raw drumming and Tomomi Nabana's signature smokey, gruff and non-nonsense vocal assault. While she's got the delivery of a biker-chick looking for a fight, she also sounds like she's smiling the entire time.

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Issued on 3/15/09 by Bridge USA

Reviewed by Tatsuya Hayashi


Issued in March 2009 by Takara Magazine
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Daruma: Congrats on your US debut !

What did you think of it when you heard about your US debut?


The time has come. 





What can we expect from you at Japan Nite 2009?


We will come with new songs. We will shake many heads and hips, inspire our audiences.




Is there any differences between your U.S. tour and Japan? Equipments? Is there anything that you guys keep in mind when you perform in the U.S.?  

日本と変わりません。Jazz Master, BIG MUFF。歪みのベストを出す。

Same as when we tour in Japan. Jazz Master, BIG MUFF.

Trying to perform the best distorted sound at concerts. 




Anything we should look into at your US concerts?


Nabana's ARMING, Kotajima's Jump and Yamaguchi's Short sticks.




Anything you prepare differently for US audience? What do you think about US audience?


We don't change anything. But, we feel US audience reacts very direct.




What kind of sound is currently hot in Japanese music scene? Do you recommend anybody? 

ダンスチューン。 Perfume & detroit 7

Dance tune is pretty popular. I recommend "Perfume" and "detroit 7"



Daruma Label is a brand new record label in the US, which focused on Japanese artists.

You are the first artist to be released from Daruma Label. What do you think of them? 


They have good eyes for bands. Thank you for having us.



Message to fans who have waited for a year since your last tour.

待たせたな!!一緒に暴れ狂おう♪ Tシャツの着替えは物販へ!!!!

Looking forward to see you again !   Let's go crazy and dance !

If you need a spare T-shirt, come to our merchandise table!


Thank you very much !

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detroit7 Tour and album release information appears 
on following media.

Please check them out !

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If you go to Hot Topic stores, you will see detroit7 CDs !

Hot Topic, Inc. continues to rock the mall. There are Hot Topic stores in all 50
states and Puerto Rico. So, find out stores nearest you and 
check their clothes and accessories !
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Reviewed by

Countless bands in Tokyo emulate American Rock. What allows a handful of these bands to break out and go international is a specific trait - a familiar Western style that straddles the line between innovation and character. Detroit7 broke out at last year's South by Southwest festival, a big move for a band that spent its first eight years smashing it up on the Tokyo scene. The three-piece band's live show has drawn attention, with the grungy, busted English drawl of lead-girl Nabana and the adorable energy of drummer Miyoko. It's the kind of music Seattle produced in the early 90s before radio co-opted it. Detroit7's self titled album is out today (3/10/09), and it's crunchy.

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The Japan Nite tour always coincides with the near legendary performance
at the annual South by Southwest convention. 
As always, a new batch ofJapanese bands will come over and 
basically astound with their wide range of styles consolidated by 
an almost singular approach. 
This year, the festivities are headlined by Detroit7, 
a group whose garage onslaught is enough to power two 
or three vintage gas guzzlina muscle cars.

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Interviewed by J-Pop World

If it's hard rocking garage band style music you're looking for, then detroit7 
might just fit the bill. With Nabana on vocals and guitar, Kotajima on bass and 
Yamaguchi banging the drums, these three Japanese musicians bring a lot of 
heart and soul to their high energy brand of music.

With their March 10th, 2009 release of the self-titled "detroit7" album from 
the new Daruma Label and upcoming shows at South by Southwest, 
there could be no better time to take a look at this fiery Japanese group with
the very American name.

On March 6, 2009 the members of detroit7 were kind enough to give an interview
to Andrew from J-Pop World. All photos courtesy of detroit7.

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Issued on 3/6 by Daily Sun New York


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Reviewed by

Since 2001, the Japanese band detroit7 has conquered the Tokyo rock scene 
and is now poised for an international invasion. The tight three-piece 
garage rock outfit is comprised of vocalist and guitarist Tomomi Nabana, 
drummer Miyoko Yamaguchi, and bassist Nobuaki Kotajima. 

Having done time as as opening act for such artists as Okuda Tamio
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Manic Street Preachers, and Teenage Fanclub.
They take center stage as part of the line-up of 2009's 
Japan Nite Tour-a traveling offshoot of the Japan Nite performances
at the annual SXSW Music Festival in Austin.

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Following website pick up Daruma Label and detroit7 information !

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88.5 FM (Georgia State University College Radio Station) plays detroit7's new songs!
WRAS (100,000 watts) is one of the largest completely 
student-programmed station in the U.S.

If you live in North Georgia, please check every Sunday 
from 6 PM to 8 PM (Nippon Music Champ Program).

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Reviewed by JaME World

detroit7 is a garage rock band that has been around since 2001. 
They are a bit unique in the rock scene as two of the three members are women:
vocalist and guitarist Tomomi Nabana and drummer Miyoko Yamaguchi.
The final member, Nobuaki Kotajima, plays bass. Recently, they have signed with
Daruma Label, a brand new label based in California hoping to bring more Japanese
music over to the U.S. Their newest album, the self-titled detroit 7, 
will also be sold in the United States. 
Though not officially on sale until March 10, the CD is
already available for order.

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