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Reviewed by Jason O. Sinard, Plug In Music

First of all, Detroit7 aren't from Detroit, and there aren't seven members in the band. They're Japanese, and there are three. This is the band's first American release. The first thing I noticed while listening is the vocals. They're very strange, but cool. Honestly, I really wasn't sure if the vocalist was male or female at first. She's female, and her name is Tomomi Nabana. One thing is for sure, you'll never be bored with the vocals on this record. She keeps it fresh and interesting throughout. This chick doesn't only belt out the vox, she also plays guitar for the band. And she kicks ass at it. This band is putting out better garage rock than most American bands I've heard lately.

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detroit7 is now on tour in Europe!!
So far, they've traveled France, Germany, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia and more.
They will do 4 more shows in France and Spain!

4/23  "Deep Inside"  Dijion, Bourgogne
4/24  "Le Rat Pack"  Clemont-Ferrand, Auvergne
4/25  "La Guinguette lautrec"  Rodez, Midi-Pyrenees
4/26  "Estraperlo Badalona"  Badalona, Barcelona

For more info :http://www.myspace.com/detroit7

Look how much yummy food they eat!!
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Report by AceOfClub5, Japanator.com

Sweat, Screaming, and Samurai at Japan Nite '09

Japan Nite is a collaborative concert event that has been going on for the past couple of years now, and in the past year it has exponentially grown in popularity. Multiple bands from our favorite land of the rising sun tour the US from East to West, finishing off here in Los Angeles.

Among them are indy favorites playing rock, punk, and some oddity sub-genres for good measure. Their costumes range from plain street clothes to full leather regalia, and then to traditional 18th century Japanese attire, weird mask free of charge. One thing can be said about shi odd bunch from the Far East...

They couldn't be more welcome.

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Reviewed by Sarah, Purple Sky Magazine 

I'm sexist when it comes to rock. There, I said it! When Kathy asked me to review a rock (cringe) album from a mostly female (cringe) group, I expected another stereotypically shrill, girly voice that seems to be popular in Japanese music. Begrudgingly, I put my hair up in pigtails, brought out the nail polish, and prepared myself for immature chattering from wimpy gals at a glorified slumber party. 

I'm happy to say that I was grossly unprepared for what was to come.

From the moment the first chord slammed through my speakers on detroit7's self-titled album, I knew they had balls. And not just balls, but the kind of raw, sardonic rock-hard balls that don't come with any hidden agenda of cutesiness or overt sensuality. This is grunge rock with slight blues undertones that only creatures with true rock souls can pull off successfully.

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Jshoxx is now featuring detorit7 at their radio station!

↓Click here to listen!
01-New Music Mar30th Detroit7.mp3

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