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PLAYLIST looks at the dyanamic fusions coming out of Japan. Japanese brass is in full swing, from Tokyo to Texas. The big band sounds of Asakusa Jinta, the traditional shamisen fusions of Yoshida Brothers, and all-girl pop line-up Pistol Valve are rocking audiences around the world. Plus, were exploring the streets and neighborhoods of Tokyo and the new wave of fusion bands who make up the club scene there. Omodaka are producing traditonal Japanese music with a modern twist, and the extreme fishing trio Gyoko mix their musical prowess and with culinary delights of sushi.

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Reviewed by Cristovao, Off The Dial.

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Although this self-titled is their US debut, detroit7 have been around for about eight years and this is actually their fourth full-length release. You can excuse the lack of exposure for this trio though as they hail not from Detroit (obviously) or even North America. They are what you could say, big in Japan.

For eight years, female vocalist/guitarist Tomomi Nabana and drummer Miyoko Yamaguchi and their male bassist Nobuaki Kotajima have rocked the Tokyo scene with their energetic garage-rock sound. They've even played opening slots for such acts as Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Reef, Manic Street Preachers and Teenage Fanclub. With this North American release, they are looking to expand their empire. 

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Reviewed by Shay   May 1st, 2009

SparkPlugged introduces good Japanese music. This is where you can always explore and discover latest and finest music.

And on May 1st, they reviewed detroit7 album...!!

detroit7 made quite a splash with their American debut release and subsequent tours across America and Europe. There's been plenty of buzz about the garage rock trio and with a Japanese release just around the corner, we finally put their US debut through the scrutinous gears of the SparkPlugged Review-o-matic (aka Shay).

detroit7's self-titled debut on Daruma Label is blues-tinged, garage-rock gold. Tarnished by befitting blurs of a fuzzy guitar, a trembling bass, and blustery percussion, the overall beauty of detroit7's music may be subjective, but some moments of lustrous brilliance are nearly universal. While the trio ventures into a domain of disarray, coherence and some charm does shine through.

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