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J-Rock revolution and Japanator.com featured detroit7 new EP
"Black & White".

Please check it out at their website!


detroit7 releases Black & White EP on Daruma Label

Since 2001, the Japanese band detroit7 has conquered the Tokyo rock scene and is now poised for an international invasion. The tight three-piece garage rock outfit is comprised of vocalist and guitarist Tomomi Nabana, drummer Miyoko Yamaguchi, and bassist Nobuaki Kotajima

detroit7 is back in Black & White
by Zac Bentz

detroit7, Japan's blues-tinged hard rockin' band, is back one again with an all new EP. The five track Black & White is a non-stop bludgeon that will get your groove bone shakin'. Front woman Tomomi Nabana has a time-worn smokey voice that's perfect for the band's dark guitar-rock sound. You can hear thousands of dingy, sweaty night-clubs oozing out of every word.

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SparkPlugged featured detroit7 "Black & White EP"!!

The monochrome garage of detroit7

International sensation detriot7 returns with their second release off of the American-based Daruma Label and it offers what all the traditional headbangers want: a group of tried-and-true, honest-to-goodness, garage/hard rock songs. Listeners will know right off the bat whether this band is right for them or not, and, while it might seem a little bland for some, those that come to drink the detriot7 juice will probably be pleased with the results.

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J-pop World announced detroit7's new EP.

Please check this article.


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We are thrilled to introduce our new artist at DARUMA LABEL!



Jabberloop - Behind The Wind 

Jabberloop is a club jazz band composed of five people (Sax, Trumpet, Keyboard, Bass, Drums). In May 2007, before their debut from a major label, they released a 12 inch EP, UGETSU, from Mukatsuku Records (label owned by Nik Weston). It was featured in a lot of domestic and international media and even in Gilles Peterson's BBC Radio "WORLD WIDE." Their debut album "and infinite jazz..." was released in the same year in Japan. Their music, full of unique vision of the world, has been highly admired in many international areas, and a lot of top DJ such as Gilles Peterson, Juergen (Jazzanova), and Patrick Forge (Da Lata), plays their music. Moreover, in Japan, they won the "ADLIB AWARDS 2007 Domestic Club Dance Prize" (ADLIB magazine). In July 2008, they released a collection / compilation album of the works they have featured in one year, which reveals everything of JABBERLOOP. It includes the songs that they have produced to other artists, remixed, some popular tunes from their debut album, and the greatest appeal is the inclusion of the live reconstructed ver., which gives a  "real" live feeling to the listeners. Including their music offer to other artists, as well as producing and remixing various artists' music, JABBERLOOP's "infinite" musical expression continues to evolve with no end to it.
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Plug In Music feature detroit7 new EP at their website.

"Quick Hits & Clips: Where The Wild Things Are, Relient K, Detroit7, Iron Lamb, Zero 7.

Daruma Label will be release detroit7's new EP, "Black & White," on October 20th at the iTUnes Store. Check out a promo video for "Cold Heat."

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