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We are happy to announce that we release 3 more CDs of JABBERLOOP 
include new album.


01. Re:Loop

02. Here We Go!!

03. Revenge Of The Space Monster

04. The Art Of Blakey

05. Sublime Legend

06. Synesthesia

07. Emozione

08. LowbitFunk

09. Ugetsu

10. Last Day Of Winter

11. With All My Love,

12. Fly With The Wind

13. Missing My Bird


01. Area51

02. Crystal Skull

03. Play Of Sun

04. Bermuda Triangle

05. Golden Jet

06. Fish In The Sky

07. Fiesta

08. Behind The Wind (Heavygrinder remix)


01. Piano de B dash

02. With All My Love

03. Revenge Of The Space Monster

04. Synesthesia

05. Fly With The Wind

06. LowbitFunk

07. Emozione

08. Shirokuma

09. Last Day Of Winter

10. Here We Go!!

11. White Out

12. End Of The Path

13. Sublime Legend

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By Shay, SparkPlugged

With a band name and album titles like this, don't tell me you're not interested.

Jazz monsters JABBERLOOP invade North America with their U.S. debut, REVENGE of the SPACE MONSTER. There's a handful of bands in Japan intent on proving that jazz doesn't have to be too chill and it's great to see one make themselves available to an international audience. Having released a vinyl EP in the U.K. with Mukatsuku Records, the America is the JABBERLOOP's latest conquest.



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November 10th 2009 - Claire

Club jazz band JABBERLOOP have made their US debut with the album REVENGE of the SPACE MONSTER, which was released on November 4th.

The album is released through Daruma Label and can be downloaded here. It will also be 
available in iTunes Stores soon. 

Samples of all tracks from the album can be heard on JABBERLOOP's official website.

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