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Young and spirited creator and producer, Yoshifumi Ato's solo music project, "Miu -Clips", released new album, "L.O.V.E.".  Yoshifumi has been built his career as a composer, producer, engineer and musician based in Tokyo since 2000.  "L.O.V.E." EP version was released on iTunes before and came up to NO.1 on dace music chart.  This is the first time to release as physical CD containing a couple of popular tracks, such as "L.O.V.E." and "FLOWER".



buymp3-botton.jpg ( Highest Quality - 320kbps - with Low Price!! )

01.  Bright Sunshine
02.  Flower (Shiny Day version)
03.  L.O.V.E.
04.  Touch The Sky
05.  I Want You Back
06.  Sunday Morning
07.  Flower (Natural Day version)
08.  Feelin' Blue (miu-clips Remix)
09.  Beautiful Sunshine
10.  New Day
11.  With You
12.  Open (Album Edit)

More Info for Miu-Clips

Daruma Label Official Website

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Cover album "Hommage" which arrange all types of hit songs is now available with 29% discount at Domo website. All songs are arranged with exquisite Bossa-nova style.



Track List

01. Introduction / LOOK OF LUV
02. Space Cowboy / tangerine.
03. Stayn' Alive / tangerine.
04. You Gotta Be / tangerine.
05. C'est La Vie / tangerine.
06. Torn / R. Milkmedia
07. Walk This Way / R. Milkmedia
08. I Want You Back / tangerine.
09. Ai So Corrida / Cranberry Island
10. Slowly Love / LOOK OF LUV
11. This Love / tangerine.
12. Unforgettable / tangerine.
13. Vogue / tangerine.
14. Sunday Morning / tangerine.
15. Change The World / Cranberry Island
16. Life / tangerine.
17. Jolie / tangerine.
18. Remember / tangerine.
19. Because Of You / tangerine.
20. Breaktime Guitarist / LOOK OF LOV
21. The One That You Love / beltempo
22. My Ever Changing Moods / avocado blue
23. More Than Ever / tangerine.
24. UP! / Cranberry Island
25. It's A Shame / tangerine.
26. Get On The Road / tangerine.
27. There Must Be An Angel / R. Milkmedia
28. Hold Me Now / avocado blue
29. She Will Be Loved / beltempo
30. Come Close To Me / tangerine.


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"A soundtrack for outdoor winter sports"


Album: Trace
Artist: DSK

Track List
01. A Hike
02. Park
03. Ruff & Fine
04. Fall Line
05. Everest 2011
06. Moonlight In The Forest
07. Yeti
08. Great Dimension
09. Full Moon Mountain
10. Into The Stone
11. Stove
12. Pale Purple
13. Rain (2011 Mix) *Bonus Track
14. Setagaya Labyrinth *Bonus Track

Daisuke "DSK" Kojima is the well-known producer & guitarist of the popular acoustic Japanese band Port of Notes. He also produced the world club anthem, "AURORA", with Chari Chari as their unit AURORA ACOUSTIC. At last, he has produced an album of his own organic sounding guitar solos.

This album was used for the theme in the Car Danchi movies, a well-known series about snowboarding. The artwork of his CD and photobook were designed by the movie director of Car Danshi - the videographer and the snowboarder Neil Hartmann.

The album comes with a photo book shot in collaboration with Neil.
You will love the organic guitar sounds which perfectly match winter season.


Check the video Neil created for American outdoor product company, The North Face with DSK's music! 

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Happy New Year everyone!!

This year is JABBERLOOP's 5th anniversary of debut! They have released 9 albums and performed worldwide so far. Thank you everyone who love and support them!


Here is the New Year messages from each member!

Happy new year! It has been a while since we formed JABBERLOOP with current members. We thank all of you to support us for long time. We have never changed any of our members and we have kept growing. We are thinking of something very exciting in 2012. See you at the show!

Happy New Year! Im Yuki Nagata. It is our 5th anniversary of debut in Japan this year. Thank you everyone! We would like to do more fun and exciting stuff in 2012! Stay tune!

Everybody, Happy New Year! Since 2012 is Tatsu-Doshi (Year of the Dragon in Chinese Zodiac), we want to run around freely to reach the top like dragon and have fun with everybody. Please keep supporting us! Let's have fun at the club!

Sign: One play of consecration
JABBERLOOP's 5th anniversary! We will do our best!

Happy New year! I'm Yohei from JABBERLOOP. I'm sure that 2012 will be very special year for me and JABBERLOOP. Thank you for your support!


Daruma Label Official Website

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