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New merchandise on sale at Cafepress Daruma store!

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Daruma Logo Eco Bag


Red Daruma T-Shirt

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Jazzy, Groovy, Funky...
Blu-Swing, one of the hottest Club music bands in Japan, will make their debut from Daruma Label!!


Composed of five creative musicians, Blu-Swing is a bands with a mix of Jazz, Electronic, Hip Hop and Rock.  Their debut album "Revison" in 2008 hit a No.1 club music chart in Japanese major record stores and made a big impact in the club scene. Since then, they have released three original albums as of 2012 and working with many international artists. In Spring of 2012, Blu-Swing will made their debut in the US from Daruma Label.

Check their "Fabulous" sounds!!

Daruma Label Debut Album

The album includes the Youtube sensation song, "Hitohira".
Release date will be announced soon. Stay tuned!

Blu-Swing Official Website (Japanese)

Daruma Official Website

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JABBERLOOP's official PV "Area51" from the album "OOParts".

Thumbnail image for ooparts_400-thumb-400x400-107.jpg

OOParts features seven new tracks and a remix, which continue to display a hybrid of styles and influences, mixing elements of jazz with dance-influenced sounds and some of the aggression of rock, yet also some other elements mixed in.

Track List
01. Area51
02. Crystal Skull
03. Play Of Sun
04. Bermuda Triangle
05. Golden Jet
06. Fish In The Sky
07. Fiesta
08. Behind The Wind (Heavygrinder remix)

buymp3-botton.jpg( Highest Quality - 320kbps - with Low Price)




Daruma Label Official Website

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Happy Valentine's Day!! Hope you all have a sweet day with lots of love and chocolates. Here are some love songs from Domo's artists. Enjoy :)

With All My Love / JABBERLOOP

Mon Amour / Michina & Tomo

Love Is / M-Swift

L.O.V.E. / miu-clips

Daruma Official Website

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JABERLOOP has announced that they will be performing their first show of the year at Shimokitazawa Garden on Feb. 26 (Sun.). They are opening up for Keikonitteki (乾坤一滴).

For the past few months, they have been making new music and practicing for their future shows. They will be performing couple of their new songs at the show! Also, they are celebrating their 5th year anniversary of their debut in Japan! 

Don't miss this great opportunity to listen their new songs if you happen to be in Japan at the end of this month!! 

Recent Release:
"Old School!" -JABERLOOP x Soft Lipa


01.  Old School!
02.  We Got Jazz
03.  I Want You
04.  Dental Driller
05.  Gekko
06.  Process (Missing My Bird)
07.  Night Cruise
08.  Waltzing To Time
09.  I Want You (Rudejack Remix)
10.  Old School! (Blu-Swing Remix)
11.  Old School! (DJ Mitsu Beats Remix)

the album available on iTunes & MP3

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