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Amazing collaboration with Dan Chandler from Evans Blue! This project was inspired by 3/11 Japan's earthquake and Tsunami. All proceed is donated to the Japan relief efforts.

  HeavensDust is alternative metal band from Japan. They mixes traditional Japanese melody and rhythm with alternative metal, nu-metal and rock.
  HeavensDust was formed in 2000 by Shinsaku, Mai and Atushi. Their goal was to create an individual sound that no other band can make.
  In 2003 Ajo joined and in 2004, U-ky, Yuta and Nan-Zan made the final pieces of the puzzle. By including: koto (traditional Japanese harp), shakuhachi (traditional Japanese flute) and wadaiko (traditional Japanese drums). In 2006, Kazha joined and added her beautiful voice.
  In 2009 Heavensdust announced that Khaza has left and in the end of 2009 new line up was announced. In 2010 new members Okaji(drums) and Daisuke Kaminaga (Shakuhachi) were announced also new song cry and fall was put online.

Current Line Up:
Shin - vocals, guitar
5hiNo - guitar
Hall - bass
Ajo - traditional Taiko drums
Okaji - drums
Daisuke Kaminaga - Shakuhachi


Daruma Label Official Website

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"HeavensDust" is a rock blending with Japanese traditional sound. The band was formed by Shin in 2000 with the idea of taking the soul of Japanese traditional music and combining with a Western, modern sound. Each member plays an integral part in the creation of their unique sound. The mixture of Japanese and Western style that Shin had originally created is enhanced by the trying sound of the Japanese traditional instruments.   

We'll update their live and album information in this blog. So stay tune ! 


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