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234.jpgM-Swift talks about his album "Shunshine of Love". The interview was taken place at his own studio/house. Enjoy!

- Your new album "Sunshine of Love" has more pop sounds such as Beautiful days feat. Elina

M-Swift: Yes.  I wanted this album to be simple without any complicated arrangements like in, "12 Months".

01.jpg- Also, the guitar sound was very impressive on this album.  What do you attribute for this?

M-Swift: It is actually me who played a guitar on the album. The only song I didn't play was Flight to North, which I asked Tony Remy to play. He was in Japan to perform for Matt Bianco, so asked him to join my album when he had time.

- The fashion model NOMA who was on the cover of your album has also contributed as a vocalist on the track Higher Love.

M-Swift: I asked her for the album cover only at first, but she told me that she also sings sometimes. Then I listened to her singing and she was really good. So, I was like, why not?

- What is your future plan?
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M-Swift: I want to make songs in Japanese. It will be nice to mix my soulful tracks with Japanese melodies.

- Did that idea come from the process of making your new album?

M-Swift: Right. I don't think I could make my debut if I made songs with Japanese lyrics. Since I made it this far, I think it is the time to expand the art of DJ-ing.

In Part 2, M-Swift will talk about his new studio/house!



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Shin's exclusive interview will be aired at J-POP TV on third week of October!! We will announce the details soon!


HeavensDust new/US debut album
"The Ashes Still Warm"

Track List
1. Distressed
2. World Goes Gray
3. Drowning
4. Annihilation
5. Emerge From Silence
6. In My Sleep
7. Gaze
8. Memories Dripping From Darkness
9. The Break
10. The Ashes Still Warm
11. Eyes Of Secrets
12. So Unclear
13. Where There Is Illusion

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