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We have added new Daruma items at Domo Merchandise Store!

Daruma is a symbol of good luck. Get any color you like and bring a good luck to you!  

DARUMA with Japanese Lettering Hoodie
Comfortable cotton hoodie with stylish Daruma Label design.

Orange DARUMA Canvas Lunch Tote

Cute orange Daruma make your lunch time very fun!
Red DARUMA Round Ornament
Daruma (dharma) is hollow and round Japanese wish dolls with no arms or legs, modeled after Bodhidarma the doundeer and first patriach of ZEN. It is believed that Daruma brings the happiness.

LOVE&HOPE Christmas Stocking
Perfect for putting holiday gifts to these cute and lovely stocking for your love ones!

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Shin talks about his music career and how he started to be in the music business. You can also watch new music clip exclusively aired by J-Pop TV!

HeavensDust new/US debut album
"The Ashes Still Warm"

Track List
1. Distressed
2. World Goes Gray
3. Drowning
4. Annihilation
5. Emerge From Silence
6. In My Sleep
7. Gaze
8. Memories Dripping From Darkness
9. The Break
10. The Ashes Still Warm
11. Eyes Of Secrets
12. So Unclear
13. Where There Is Illusion

  ( Highest Quality - 320kbps - with Low Price)

HeavensDust Artist Page
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234.jpgM-Swift talks about his album "Shunshine of Love". Part 2!

03.jpg- Did you make this new album at a studio or your home?

M-Swift: I moved in to my new house in October and finished making album in the mid November, so I used my home-studio for a month and half. It is much easier for me to work at home than a recording studio.

- What was the key point you particularly cared about when building your home-studio?

M-Swift: I didn't want to make a typical type of studio. Recording studios in Japan all look similar and have the same floor plan. That was not what I wanted.

- Right. Your studio is very open and doesn't look like a normal studio. 
M-Swift: That may be because we can get natural light from a sky light. Even though the studio is in the basement, it looks open from the natural light bought in. I wanted to make my studio a place I can really relax in order to create better music. I think that while working, people should try to too relax just like being home. This is what fosters creativity.  When I make an album, I stay here all day from 9 in the morning to 9 in the evening. So providing myself a relaxing, "office" was my number one priority.

- Do you use a Mac Book Pro?

M-Swift: Yes, I do everything with Logic. Sometimes, I even do mixing with the software also. I Thumbnail image for 05.jpgcan't believe that we used to have to use so many different synths and then have to convert the raw sounds to MIDI. When I made my first album in London, I brought my desktop all the way from Japan since the laptops at that time were not as good as now. But, I was stopped by customs at the London airport. They said I could only bring portable computers. I said to them, "I am carrying this now, so this should be a portable computer too!".  Hahaha.

- Can you do anything with your Mac and your current home-studio setup?

M-Swift: I want to have one more subwoofer so that I can arrange low sounds here too.  That way I don't have to rent a studio and I can record everything here.



buymp3-botton.jpg( Highest Quality - 320kbps - with Low Price!! )


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