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HeavensDust's New PV "Annihilation" from "The Ashes Still Warm

Check this out!!!!

They just uploaded this PV on Youtube.
That's so awesome. 

Also you should try this album!!

New Album
The Ashes Still Warm
Now On Sale!
01.  Distressed
02World Goes Gray
03  Drowning
04  Annihilation
05  Emerge From Silence
06  In My Sleep
07  Gaze (Through Your Heart)
08  Memories Dripping From Darkness
09  The Break 
10  The Ashes Still Warm
11  Eyes Of Secrets 
12  So Unclear
13  Where There Is Illusion 

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Album: L.O.V.E.
Artist: Miu-Clips

Young and spirited creator and producer, Yoshifumi Ato's solo music project, "Miu -Clips", released new album, "L.O.V.E.". Yoshifumi has been built his career as a composer, producer, engineer and musician based in Tokyo since 2000. "L.O.V.E." EP version was released on iTunes before and came up to NO.1 on dace music chart.

This album contains a couple of popular tracks, such as "L.O.V.E.", "FLOWER", and incredible cover of "Sunday Morning" by Maroon 5 and "I Want You Back" by Jackson 5.

01. Bright Sunshine
02. Flower (Shiny Day version)
03. L.O.V.E.
04. Touch The Sky
05. I Want You Back (Cover of Jackson 5)
06. Sunday Morning (Cover of Maroon 5)
07. Flower (Natural Day version)
08. Feelin' Blue (miu-clips Remix)
09. Beautiful Sunshine
10. New Day
11. With You
12. Open (Album Edit)


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Special Offer!!
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daruma artists

Daruma Label Official Website

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"A soundtrack for outdoor winter sports"


Album: Trace
Artist: DSK

Track List
01. A Hike
02. Park
03. Ruff & Fine
04. Fall Line
05. Everest 2011
06. Moonlight In The Forest
07. Yeti
08. Great Dimension
09. Full Moon Mountain
10. Into The Stone
11. Stove
12. Pale Purple
13. Rain (2011 Mix) *Bonus Track
14. Setagaya Labyrinth *Bonus Track

Daisuke "DSK" Kojima is the well-known producer & guitarist of the popular acoustic Japanese band Port of Notes. He also produced the world club anthem, "AURORA", with Chari Chari as their unit AURORA ACOUSTIC. At last, he has produced an album of his own organic sounding guitar solos.

This album was used for the theme in the Car Danchi movies, a well-known series about snowboarding. The artwork of his CD and photobook were designed by the movie director of Car Danshi - the videographer and the snowboarder Neil Hartmann.

The album comes with a photo book shot in collaboration with Neil.
You will love the organic guitar sounds which perfectly match winter season.


Check the video Neil created for American outdoor product company, The North Face with DSK's music! 

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In the film Yuki & Nina (2009), eight-year-old French-Japanese girl Yuki receives news that her parents are divorcing and she will be returning to Japan with her mother. If Yuki grew to be a singer, she would be Michelle Michina of the duo Michina and Tomo. Their debut mini-album "premier soufflé" is a unique combination of piano-backed Japanese and French vocals accompanied with Tomohiro Maeda's bluesy guitar chords. Their soft sound is reminiscent of  Japanese R&B powerhouse MISIA and Portuguese lounge singer Nicinha. The five tracks on the album switch back and forth between languages effortlessly, whether it's the passionate Mon Amour or the silly Mr. Fish. It's ideal driving music, especially when you're still waking up in the morning.

written by Jessica Aves


First Mini Album "Premier Souffle"

Track List
1. Mon Amour
2. Sista
3. Mr. Fish
4. Misao
5. Ton Souffle

Available at iTunes Store Now!!

( Highest Quality - 320kbps - with Low Price!! )

"Ton Souffle" from Premier Souffle

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We've uploaded new videos of M-Swift, who will be debuting in US with their latest original album Sunshine Of Love.

US debut original album Sunshine Of Love will be released at iTunes store on June 21st.

buymp3-botton.jpg ( Highest Quality - 320kbps - with Low Price!! )

Track List 
1. Beautiful Days (Featuring Eliana) 
2. Key Of Love (Featuring Hazel Sim) 
3. Feel Inside (Featuring Angela Johnson) 
4. Love Is (Featuring Donna Gardier)
5. A Night In Sao Paulo 
6. Shade (Featuring Eliana) 
7. Flight To North 
8. Summer Glow (Featuring Hazel Sim) 
9. Far Beyond 
10. Four Seasons Of Love (Featuring Pete Simpson) 
11. Endroll 
12. Higher Love 

M-Swift - Love Is from Sunshine Of Love (short ver.)  

M-Swift - A Night In Sao Paulo from Sunshine Of Love (short ver.)  

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We are so excited to announce that we have signed with new artist, M-Swift!

M-Swift is unspecified music project followed by Shohei Matsushita who is a talented DJ and mixer.  He started playing Jazz guitar at 18, and has collaborated with lots of well known musicians. He signed with IRMA RECORDS in 2006 in Italy and made big impact world widely.  In 2010, collaborating with Nano Universe, one of popular Japanese apparel brand, he made 3rd album titled "Sunshine of Love".  This album has marked No. 1 Dance chart and No.58 Album chart on iTunes in Japan

We will release this "Sunshine of Love" on June 21st on iTunes in the US!!
Please stay tuned!

Or, you can purchase MP3 at our digital store now!

( Highest Quality - 320kbps - with Low Price!! )


Track List
01. Beautiful Days feat. Eliana
02. Key of Love feat. Hazel Sim
03. Feel Inside feat. Angela Johnson
04. Summer Glow feat. Hazel Sim
05. A Night in Sao Paulo
06. Far Beyond
07. Shade feat. Eliana
08. Flight to North
09. Pray
10. Love is feat. Donna Gradier
11. Four Seasons of Love feat. Pete Simpson
12. Affair


M-Swift Official Website (Japanese)

Daruma Label Official Website

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Looking for new talent!!

Do you want the chance to debut in the US?
We are currently looking for talented, unique artists.  Send your profile and demo CD at the address listed below.  We will contact you only if you are qualified.


Daruma Labelではユニークで才能あるアーティストを大募集!
Daruma Labelでアメリカデビューの夢を叶えませんか?
※ 但し、現在、他の会社(レコード会社、プロダクション、音楽出版など)と契約をしていないアーティストに限ります。


11340 West Olympic Blvd, Suite 270
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Daruma label website

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Are they humans? Or Wolves?!

Daruma staff went to check Japanese No.1 indie rock band "Man With A Mission" at Whiskey A Go Go on 11/17. Their performance is absolutely incredible!

They will perform at Roxy Theatre on 11/21 and 22.
You gotta check them out!!

The Roxy Theatre Website

MWAM Myspace

Daruma Website


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We are thrilled to announce daruma's new artist COMA*!!!

Official Website:

"Fantastic Sound Service from Tokyo"
  COMA*, an unique sound group which mixes up any elements from Rock x Dance x Club x Jazz x Fusion x Progressive x Bossanova etc, was formed in Tokyo in 2001.

They have released three full albums and one mini album to date. In 2008, COMA* released two songs digitally which were produced by DJ HATA who is a composer for his jam band "Dachambo". They have performed at the big music festivals in Japan as well as the opening acts for overseas livetronica bands, "The Pnuma Trio" and "the NEWDEAL". 

COMA* will release their new album in 2010.

We will release more information soon.

Stay tune!


Daruma label website

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Do you like Japanese band???

Tune in Tokyo is a J-Pop & Global Dance DJ unit established in 2008, with monthly club events in the Los Angeles area.

On Thursday, August 19th during Nisei Week, They presents "Sakura Bomb", a showcase featuring a great lineup of Japanese-flavored rock, punk, and electro.

The event will be headlined by Lemon Drop Kick, Keshiki, Stephanie Yanez, and Nightmares for Robots.

Date: August 19 (Thursday)

Time: 8:00 PM - 11:30 PM

Venue: 2nd Street Jazz
366 E. 2nd Street Los Angeles CA 90012

More information


Daruma label Official website
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Daruma YouTube Channel has been opened!

We will upload more videos. 
Check This out!

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Please check detroit7 and JABBERLOOP social networking sites!!

We update these artist sites.

Here are links.


detroit7 official site

detroit7 MySpace

detroit7 Facebook

detroit7 Youtube

detroit7 Twitter


JABBERLOOP official Site




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Get DARUMA News!! If you join the Domo Music Group mailing list, you can get 

 ・Special message from Domo artists 
・DARUMA Newsletter once or twice per month 
・DARUMA artists release info. & Special Discount info. from Online store 
・FREE download songs!!

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detroit7 is now on tour in Europe!!
So far, they've traveled France, Germany, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia and more.
They will do 4 more shows in France and Spain!

4/23  "Deep Inside"  Dijion, Bourgogne
4/24  "Le Rat Pack"  Clemont-Ferrand, Auvergne
4/25  "La Guinguette lautrec"  Rodez, Midi-Pyrenees
4/26  "Estraperlo Badalona"  Badalona, Barcelona

For more info :

Look how much yummy food they eat!!
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Do you know what the DARUMA means?

We grab the explanation from Wikipedia.
If you have a chance, please take a look at this!!!

Daruma dolls, also known as dharma dolls, are hollow and round Japanese wish dolls with no arms or legs, modeled after Bodhidarma the doundeer and first patriach of ZEN.

Typical colors are red (most common), yellow,  green and white.  The dolls have a face with a mustache and beard, but its eyes only contain the color white.  Using black ink, one fills in a single circular eye while thinking of a wish.  Should the wish later come true, the second eye is filled in.  It is traditional to fill in the left eye first; the right eye is left blank until the wish is fulfilled.

From Wikipedia...

Daruma Dolls are also lucky item, so get it if you wish somthing!


daruma logo without text.png

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Thank you for visiting new label, Daruma Label Website!

You might not know Daruma, so we explain about this label.

Daruma Label, Inc.
Established in Los Angeles in 2009, Daruma is a brand new record label focused on Japanese artists with no genre boundaries.  This fresh, new branch of Domo Records (the label of Grammy Winning Japanese recording artist, KITARO) nurtures Japanese acts of outstanding originality and showcases excellent live performances to United States audiences.  Domo Records' 15 years of experience will guide Daruma's special focus in bringing the Japanese niche market into the mainstream of pop culture, unleashing a whole new spectrum of music.

Crossing borders of both language and nations, Daruma will be the record label for the new generation.




Do you get the idea of our label?
If so, join our label or send us what kind of music you want to listen!

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Daruma Label blog will be opening soon.
Please check back later!
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