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In the film Yuki & Nina (2009), eight-year-old French-Japanese girl Yuki receives news that her parents are divorcing and she will be returning to Japan with her mother. If Yuki grew to be a singer, she would be Michelle Michina of the duo Michina and Tomo. Their debut mini-album "premier soufflé" is a unique combination of piano-backed Japanese and French vocals accompanied with Tomohiro Maeda's bluesy guitar chords. Their soft sound is reminiscent of  Japanese R&B powerhouse MISIA and Portuguese lounge singer Nicinha. The five tracks on the album switch back and forth between languages effortlessly, whether it's the passionate Mon Amour or the silly Mr. Fish. It's ideal driving music, especially when you're still waking up in the morning.

written by Jessica Aves


First Mini Album "Premier Souffle"

Track List
1. Mon Amour
2. Sista
3. Mr. Fish
4. Misao
5. Ton Souffle

Available at iTunes Store Now!!

( Highest Quality - 320kbps - with Low Price!! )

"Ton Souffle" from Premier Souffle

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By Shay, SparkPlugged

With a band name and album titles like this, don't tell me you're not interested.

Jazz monsters JABBERLOOP invade North America with their U.S. debut, REVENGE of the SPACE MONSTER. There's a handful of bands in Japan intent on proving that jazz doesn't have to be too chill and it's great to see one make themselves available to an international audience. Having released a vinyl EP in the U.K. with Mukatsuku Records, the America is the JABBERLOOP's latest conquest.



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November 10th 2009 - Claire

Club jazz band JABBERLOOP have made their US debut with the album REVENGE of the SPACE MONSTER, which was released on November 4th.

The album is released through Daruma Label and can be downloaded here. It will also be 
available in iTunes Stores soon. 

Samples of all tracks from the album can be heard on JABBERLOOP's official website.

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Reviewed by Cristovao, Off The Dial.

Stay tuned as one lucky reader will win a free copy of detroit7! You must be on the mailing list for your chance to win. If you're not on the mailing list, I suggest you get on it NOW!

Although this self-titled is their US debut, detroit7 have been around for about eight years and this is actually their fourth full-length release. You can excuse the lack of exposure for this trio though as they hail not from Detroit (obviously) or even North America. They are what you could say, big in Japan.

For eight years, female vocalist/guitarist Tomomi Nabana and drummer Miyoko Yamaguchi and their male bassist Nobuaki Kotajima have rocked the Tokyo scene with their energetic garage-rock sound. They've even played opening slots for such acts as Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Reef, Manic Street Preachers and Teenage Fanclub. With this North American release, they are looking to expand their empire. 

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Reviewed by Shay   May 1st, 2009

SparkPlugged introduces good Japanese music. This is where you can always explore and discover latest and finest music.

And on May 1st, they reviewed detroit7 album...!!

detroit7 made quite a splash with their American debut release and subsequent tours across America and Europe. There's been plenty of buzz about the garage rock trio and with a Japanese release just around the corner, we finally put their US debut through the scrutinous gears of the SparkPlugged Review-o-matic (aka Shay).

detroit7's self-titled debut on Daruma Label is blues-tinged, garage-rock gold. Tarnished by befitting blurs of a fuzzy guitar, a trembling bass, and blustery percussion, the overall beauty of detroit7's music may be subjective, but some moments of lustrous brilliance are nearly universal. While the trio ventures into a domain of disarray, coherence and some charm does shine through.

Read More and explore SparkPlugged....

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Reviewed by Jason O. Sinard, Plug In Music

First of all, Detroit7 aren't from Detroit, and there aren't seven members in the band. They're Japanese, and there are three. This is the band's first American release. The first thing I noticed while listening is the vocals. They're very strange, but cool. Honestly, I really wasn't sure if the vocalist was male or female at first. She's female, and her name is Tomomi Nabana. One thing is for sure, you'll never be bored with the vocals on this record. She keeps it fresh and interesting throughout. This chick doesn't only belt out the vox, she also plays guitar for the band. And she kicks ass at it. This band is putting out better garage rock than most American bands I've heard lately.

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Report by AceOfClub5,

Sweat, Screaming, and Samurai at Japan Nite '09

Japan Nite is a collaborative concert event that has been going on for the past couple of years now, and in the past year it has exponentially grown in popularity. Multiple bands from our favorite land of the rising sun tour the US from East to West, finishing off here in Los Angeles.

Among them are indy favorites playing rock, punk, and some oddity sub-genres for good measure. Their costumes range from plain street clothes to full leather regalia, and then to traditional 18th century Japanese attire, weird mask free of charge. One thing can be said about shi odd bunch from the Far East...

They couldn't be more welcome.

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Reviewed by Sarah, Purple Sky Magazine 

I'm sexist when it comes to rock. There, I said it! When Kathy asked me to review a rock (cringe) album from a mostly female (cringe) group, I expected another stereotypically shrill, girly voice that seems to be popular in Japanese music. Begrudgingly, I put my hair up in pigtails, brought out the nail polish, and prepared myself for immature chattering from wimpy gals at a glorified slumber party. 

I'm happy to say that I was grossly unprepared for what was to come.

From the moment the first chord slammed through my speakers on detroit7's self-titled album, I knew they had balls. And not just balls, but the kind of raw, sardonic rock-hard balls that don't come with any hidden agenda of cutesiness or overt sensuality. This is grunge rock with slight blues undertones that only creatures with true rock souls can pull off successfully.

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Jshoxx is now featuring detorit7 at their radio station!

↓Click here to listen!
01-New Music Mar30th Detroit7.mp3

Thumbnail image for face-jshoxx01banner2.jpg

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Issued on 3/20/09 by US FrontLine

Issued on 3/25/09 by Soy Source
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Reviewed by Sara Crane

The first US release from "garage rock" artists detroit7 is a self titled Daruma Label release. "Garage rock" may well indeed be the best thing to call this band, for those who feel a need to categorize, as they defy all mainstream classification. Not punk, not jazz, and not strictly rock, this band incorporates strains of all three, plus may more.

Probably the most striking thing about detroit7's music is the style of vocalist Nabana's voice. Her vocals are typically in the lower ranges, and throaty, and she seems to have a never ending supply of "vocal tricks" up her sleeve. One thing is for sure, you can NEVER say the vocals on a detroit7 song are boring.

Once you drag yourself away from concentrating solely on the vocals, you'll notice the guitar work. Every bit as interesting as her vocal work, Nabana's guitar fiffs can only be called "kick ass".

And let's not forget the rest of the band. Drummer Miyoko Yamaguchi knows her stuff, serving up solid, hard core drum lines in every tune. Bassist Nobuaki Kotajima is every bit as talented as his female band mates, supporting each piece with solid and varied bass lines. Many bands fall flat in the bass department, but not detroit7. Listeners will find themselves concentrating on the heavy hitting bass work just as often as the guitars.

It's difficult to pick this album apart to review, without taking up pages and pages. Literally every tune on this CD has some noteworthy aspect, be it the  chorus of "In the Sunshine", the funky vocals in "Mr. Kato on the road", the sexy bass line of "Zelda", or the ever present drums that somehow manage to be simultaneously pounding and melodic, "detroit7" is a must for any rock fan, regardless of one's penchant for Japanese bands. This is a CD anyone can enjoy.

Long Story short; This disc is catchier than than the Plague. Go get it!

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Reviewed by Zac Bentz

The hard rockin' trio that is Detroit7 will be embarking on a world tour this month, hitting up SXSW and the Japan Nite tour in American, then stomping over to the rest of the world in April. Their apperance in the States is being heralded with the release of their self-titled album on the Daruma label.

Along with a host of mini albums and EP's it's the band's third full-length album and shows the band in top form. They blast through their 10 songs in 30 minutes. From the starting shot of "In the Sunshine" to the head thumping closer "Lovers Fight," it's a solid block of swaggering guitars, raw drumming and Tomomi Nabana's signature smokey, gruff and non-nonsense vocal assault. While she's got the delivery of a biker-chick looking for a fight, she also sounds like she's smiling the entire time.

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Issued on 3/15/09 by Bridge USA

Reviewed by Tatsuya Hayashi


Issued in March 2009 by Takara Magazine
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detroit7 Tour and album release information appears 
on following media.

Please check them out !

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Reviewed by

Countless bands in Tokyo emulate American Rock. What allows a handful of these bands to break out and go international is a specific trait - a familiar Western style that straddles the line between innovation and character. Detroit7 broke out at last year's South by Southwest festival, a big move for a band that spent its first eight years smashing it up on the Tokyo scene. The three-piece band's live show has drawn attention, with the grungy, busted English drawl of lead-girl Nabana and the adorable energy of drummer Miyoko. It's the kind of music Seattle produced in the early 90s before radio co-opted it. Detroit7's self titled album is out today (3/10/09), and it's crunchy.

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The Japan Nite tour always coincides with the near legendary performance
at the annual South by Southwest convention. 
As always, a new batch ofJapanese bands will come over and 
basically astound with their wide range of styles consolidated by 
an almost singular approach. 
This year, the festivities are headlined by Detroit7, 
a group whose garage onslaught is enough to power two 
or three vintage gas guzzlina muscle cars.

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Interviewed by J-Pop World

If it's hard rocking garage band style music you're looking for, then detroit7 
might just fit the bill. With Nabana on vocals and guitar, Kotajima on bass and 
Yamaguchi banging the drums, these three Japanese musicians bring a lot of 
heart and soul to their high energy brand of music.

With their March 10th, 2009 release of the self-titled "detroit7" album from 
the new Daruma Label and upcoming shows at South by Southwest, 
there could be no better time to take a look at this fiery Japanese group with
the very American name.

On March 6, 2009 the members of detroit7 were kind enough to give an interview
to Andrew from J-Pop World. All photos courtesy of detroit7.

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Issued on 3/6 by Daily Sun New York


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Reviewed by

Since 2001, the Japanese band detroit7 has conquered the Tokyo rock scene 
and is now poised for an international invasion. The tight three-piece 
garage rock outfit is comprised of vocalist and guitarist Tomomi Nabana, 
drummer Miyoko Yamaguchi, and bassist Nobuaki Kotajima. 

Having done time as as opening act for such artists as Okuda Tamio
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Manic Street Preachers, and Teenage Fanclub.
They take center stage as part of the line-up of 2009's 
Japan Nite Tour-a traveling offshoot of the Japan Nite performances
at the annual SXSW Music Festival in Austin.

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Following website pick up Daruma Label and detroit7 information !

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88.5 FM (Georgia State University College Radio Station) plays detroit7's new songs!
WRAS (100,000 watts) is one of the largest completely 
student-programmed station in the U.S.

If you live in North Georgia, please check every Sunday 
from 6 PM to 8 PM (Nippon Music Champ Program).

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Reviewed by JaME World

detroit7 is a garage rock band that has been around since 2001. 
They are a bit unique in the rock scene as two of the three members are women:
vocalist and guitarist Tomomi Nabana and drummer Miyoko Yamaguchi.
The final member, Nobuaki Kotajima, plays bass. Recently, they have signed with
Daruma Label, a brand new label based in California hoping to bring more Japanese
music over to the U.S. Their newest album, the self-titled detroit 7, 
will also be sold in the United States. 
Though not officially on sale until March 10, the CD is
already available for order.

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Issued on 2/27 by Weekly Jungle 


Go to Weekly Jungle Website
(Weekly Jungle is Free Japanese weekly newspaper
in following states; IL, MI, MN, OH)
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Issued on 3/26 by NY Seikatsu Press


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Reviewed by Rock Of Japan

Detroit7 and Third Star From The Earth, which the first three of these 
songs come from, make it seem that DETROIT7 are giving up 
some of the experimental stretching of Great Romantic
and locking themselves into a hard-rockin' mode, one with a rough
and dirty edge. Ah, but they're great at the edgy hard rock, 
and they continue to throw in sidesteps and odd arrangements 
that happily keep things off balance.

I'd like to hear Nabana croon more. Still, her guitar playing, 
like a rude, spastic Hendrix, is regularly brilliant. 
So, if they just keep rocking, I'll happily keep bouncing off the walls.

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Reviewed by Unchained.

detroit7 rocks the US, your face

detroit7 has a lot of balls, and for a group with two chicks in it, that's saying something. Having previously done the Japan Nite tour and appeared at SXSW, the group is attempting to attract even more attention by releasing their first US debut album, detroit7, on March 10. With a right-up-in-your-face style and vocals that are half-conversational, half-argumentative, this trio is prepared to take their act to the next level--and they want you to come with them. 

detroit7 is the first band to join the new California-based Daruma Label, and detroit7 will thusly be the first DL release to hit the US. If you're interested in picking up a copy of the album, I encourage you to do so right here. The CD won't be "officially" released until March, but it's available for purchase right now, so grab it before anybody else does! And keep an eye on Daruma Label, too--they're looking for more Japanese bands to bring to the US, so the more you support them, the more likely it is that you'll be seeing a couple more domestic releases sometime in the future.

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