NEWS 06/13/13HeavensDust New Items: Limited CDs and T-Shirts
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NEWS 04/26/13HeavensDust Phone Interview with i-am TV
NEWS 04/16/13HeavensDust Album Review by Two Guys Metal
NEWS 04/08/13HeavensDust Album Review by Kirin Works
NEWS 03/13/13New PV "Annihilation" by HeavensDust !!
NEWS 02/27/13HeavensDust Shin modeling for apparel brand PEACEMAKER
NEWS 02/12/13HeavensDust New Members!
NEWS 12/06/12Free Shipping, Free CD & Special Sale!
NEWS 11/29/12Daruma NEW Merchandise!
NEWS 11/01/12M-Swift Interveiw for Sunshine Of Love Part.2
NEWS 10/25/12M-Swift Interveiw for Sunshine Of Love Part.1
NEWS 10/03/12Shin's Exclusive Interview
NEWS 09/18/12COMA* Live Video
NEWS 09/11/12HeavensDust Last Live with current members
NEWS 08/16/12Daruma Merchandise!
NEWS 08/09/12Shin from HeavensDust covered Slipknot
NEWS 07/26/12JABBERLOOP YOHEI Interview for Music Shool Magazine
NEWS 07/24/12M-Swift Video: Sunshine Of Love Release Tour 2011
NEWS 07/19/12HeavensDust Red Bull Audition is still on!!
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NEWS 06/19/12Blu-Swing Youtube Videos
NEWS 06/05/12Shin from HeavensDust Talks About Their New Album
NEWS 06/04/12Today's Pick Up Album: Discovery of New Talent
NEWS 05/31/12JABBERLOOP Live Report in Taiwan
NEWS 05/24/12HeavensDust New Album Exclusive Pre-Sale!!!
NEWS 05/08/12HeavensDust is on Red Bull Audition!
NEWS 05/01/12Lil Wayne Cover by HeavensDust
NEWS 04/17/12Blu-Swing: Members profile
NEWS 04/05/12HeavensDust Artist Page Open!
NEWS 04/03/12JABBERLOOP Live Report
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NEWS 02/23/12New Artist, Blu-Swing!
NEWS 02/14/12LOVE SONGS on Valentine's Day
NEWS 02/10/12JABERLOOP is playing their first show of the year in Japan!
NEWS 01/24/12Miu-Clips "L.O.V.E." avalialble at iTunes now!
NEWS 01/13/12Hommage (2011) by Various Artists available with discount price !
NEWS 01/12/12Imported Album "TRACE" by DSK available now
NEWS 01/05/12Happy New Year from JABBERLOOP
NEWS 12/19/11Michina & Tomo Live Video
NEWS 12/12/11JABBERLOOP Taiwan Photos
NEWS 12/07/11JABBERLOOP & COMA* in Taiwan
NEWS 11/22/11Miu-Clips Interview for his latest album "L.O.V.E."
NEWS 11/10/11M-Swift : Official facebook Page Open!
NEWS 11/09/11Join JABBERLOOP Mailing List and Get a Free Song!
NEWS 10/27/11Michina & Tomo Live Video
NEWS 10/19/11JABBERLOOP: Music Video featured on UTB
NEWS 10/17/11JABBERLOOP: New Live Video No.1
NEWS 10/14/11detroit7: Louie Louie Live Video!
NEWS 10/10/11M-Swift New Live Video
NEWS 10/07/11JABBERLOOP nominated by Taiwanese Music Awards 金音創作獎
NEWS 09/26/11JABBERLOOP Live Report!
NEWS 09/26/11Album Review for Michina & Tomo's Premier Souffle
NEWS 09/13/11New Artist: Michina & Tomo iTunes Release!
NEWS 08/19/11Album review for Kaoru Ono's Music Tranquilizer
NEWS 08/12/11JABBERLOOP - New Videos & Photos
NEWS 08/09/11COMA* New Live Videos!
NEWS 08/02/11JABBERLOOP: Tohoku Live & Daisuke Interview
NEWS 07/27/11detroit7 PV "In The Sunshine"
NEWS 07/21/11Kaoru Ono x JABBERLOOP New Live Video
NEWS 07/01/11JABBERLOOP Member Introduction 5 - YUKI
NEWS 06/23/11JABBERLOOP x Soft Lipa New Video
NEWS 06/21/11JABBERLOOP × Soft Lipa New Release on iTunes Store!
NEWS 06/21/11M-Swift New Release on iTunes Store!
NEWS 06/20/11JABBERLOOP @ Golden Melody Awards in Taiwan!
NEWS 06/15/11JABBERLOOP Members Introduction 4 - YOHEI
NEWS 06/14/11Daruma Label New Artist: M-Swift!
NEWS 06/10/11COMA* New Video
NEWS 06/08/11JABBERLOOP New Video @ Taiwan Live
NEWS 06/07/11JABBERLOOP Members Introduction 3 - MELTEN
NEWS 06/01/11JABBERLOOP on Taiwanese Media!
NEWS 05/27/11JABBERLOOP was nominated by Taiwanese Grammy Award
NEWS 05/18/11Daruma New Merchandise
NEWS 05/05/11JABBERLOOP played "Shirokuma" with Brass Band
NEWS 05/03/11New Live Video from JABBERLOOP in Miyazaki
NEWS 04/29/11JABBERLOOP Members Introduction 2 - MAKOTO
NEWS 04/26/11JABBERLOOP Members Introduction 1 - DAISUKE
NEWS 04/15/11JABBERLOOP New Release "Sememoeru" on iTunes"
NEWS 04/13/11JABBERLOOP x Soft Lipa New Clip "I Want You"
NEWS 04/07/11New Videos from JABBERLOOP
NEWS 04/05/11iTunes Release "Music Tranquilizer" by Kaoru Ono
NEWS 04/05/11iTunes Release "illm" by COMA*
NEWS 03/30/11JABBERLOOP x Soft Lipa New Release "Old School"
NEWS 03/08/11New album from JABBERLOOP
NEWS 03/03/11New album from New Artist, miu-clips
NEWS 03/02/11New album from New Artist, Kaoru Ono
NEWS 02/07/11New Videos from Black & White
NEWS 02/04/11New Videos from detroit7
NEWS 01/27/11COMA* Artist Page Open!
NEWS 01/27/11Live Report of Radical Blood Orange
NEWS 01/26/11COMA* New Release "illm" Available NOW
NEWS 01/20/11New OOparts Videos Upload on YouTube
NEWS 01/11/11Jabberloop New Release "Ooparts" on iTunes
NEWS 01/03/11JABBERLOOP New Release "Ooparts" on iTunes
NEWS 12/23/10detroit7 New Live Video Upload
NEWS 12/16/10Daruma New Products
NEWS 12/15/10detroit7 Live in 2011
NEWS 12/10/10JABBERLOOP #1 at iTunes Japan!
NEWS 12/02/10Looking For A New Talent!
NEWS 11/30/10detroit7 Live In Japan
NEWS 11/24/10Shop @ Daruma Merchandise Store
NEWS 11/23/10Daruma Myspace Upload
NEWS 11/18/10Daruma Live Report Vol.1 "MWAM"
NEWS 11/17/10COMA* Live on YouTube
NEWS 11/16/10detroit7 Europe Tour
NEWS 11/10/10COMA* - Social Networking Site Up
NEWS 11/08/10Daruma New Artist!!
NEWS 11/03/10JABBERLOOP New album!!
NEWS 11/02/10detroit7 news!
NEWS 08/10/10Jrock Live @ 2nd Street Jazz on 8/19
NEWS 05/26/10Daruma YouTube Open
NEWS 05/12/10We Got iPad!
NEWS 04/16/10Miyavi VS Jin Akanishi!?
NEWS 03/22/10detroit7 & JABBERLOOP Links
NEWS 03/19/10detroit7 English Blog!
NEWS 03/18/10detroit7 Official YouTube
NEWS 03/01/10Bento Beat Box Episode 4 featuring Daruma Label
NEWS 02/19/10detroit7 and JABBERLOOP are featured on Bento Beat Box
NEWS 02/05/10detroit7 new music video "Turn up Fader"
NEWS 01/06/10[IMPORT] OOParts (2009) by JABBERLOOP
NEWS 01/06/10[IMPORT] Live At Motion Blue Yokohama (2009) by JABBERLOOP
JABBERLOOP x Soft Lipa - I Want You - from Old School
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