M-Swift Video: Sunshine Of Love Release Tour 2011

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M-Swift is unspecified music project followed by Shohei Matsushita who is a talented DJ and producer in house and cross-over scene in Japan.

Shohei started playing Jazz guitar at 18, and moved to UK to make his own music. Susu Records (UK) released compilation album including his song in 2005 and the song became popular in UK club scene. He has also played in numerous clubs as DJ in both Europe and Japan. In 2006, he signed with IRMA RECORDS in Italy and made huge impact world widely. 

In 2010, collaborating with Nano Universe, one of popular Japanese apparel brand, he made 3rd album titled "Sunshine of Love".  This album has marked No. 1 Dance chart and No.58 Album chart on iTunes in Japan. 

He also produced Christmas song for Charice whose album marked No. 8 Album chart for the first week of the release in the US which was the first-time achievement for Asian artists.

"Sunshine Of Love"

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