M-Swift Interveiw for Sunshine Of Love Part.1

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234.jpgM-Swift talks about his album "Shunshine of Love". The interview was taken place at his own studio/house. Enjoy!

- Your new album "Sunshine of Love" has more pop sounds such as Beautiful days feat. Elina

M-Swift: Yes.  I wanted this album to be simple without any complicated arrangements like in, "12 Months".

01.jpg- Also, the guitar sound was very impressive on this album.  What do you attribute for this?

M-Swift: It is actually me who played a guitar on the album. The only song I didn't play was Flight to North, which I asked Tony Remy to play. He was in Japan to perform for Matt Bianco, so asked him to join my album when he had time.

- The fashion model NOMA who was on the cover of your album has also contributed as a vocalist on the track Higher Love.

M-Swift: I asked her for the album cover only at first, but she told me that she also sings sometimes. Then I listened to her singing and she was really good. So, I was like, why not?

- What is your future plan?
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M-Swift: I want to make songs in Japanese. It will be nice to mix my soulful tracks with Japanese melodies.

- Did that idea come from the process of making your new album?

M-Swift: Right. I don't think I could make my debut if I made songs with Japanese lyrics. Since I made it this far, I think it is the time to expand the art of DJ-ing.

In Part 2, M-Swift will talk about his new studio/house!



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