M-Swift Interveiw for Sunshine Of Love Part.2

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234.jpgM-Swift talks about his album "Shunshine of Love". Part 2!

03.jpg- Did you make this new album at a studio or your home?

M-Swift: I moved in to my new house in October and finished making album in the mid November, so I used my home-studio for a month and half. It is much easier for me to work at home than a recording studio.

- What was the key point you particularly cared about when building your home-studio?

M-Swift: I didn't want to make a typical type of studio. Recording studios in Japan all look similar and have the same floor plan. That was not what I wanted.

- Right. Your studio is very open and doesn't look like a normal studio. 
M-Swift: That may be because we can get natural light from a sky light. Even though the studio is in the basement, it looks open from the natural light bought in. I wanted to make my studio a place I can really relax in order to create better music. I think that while working, people should try to too relax just like being home. This is what fosters creativity.  When I make an album, I stay here all day from 9 in the morning to 9 in the evening. So providing myself a relaxing, "office" was my number one priority.

- Do you use a Mac Book Pro?

M-Swift: Yes, I do everything with Logic. Sometimes, I even do mixing with the software also. I Thumbnail image for 05.jpgcan't believe that we used to have to use so many different synths and then have to convert the raw sounds to MIDI. When I made my first album in London, I brought my desktop all the way from Japan since the laptops at that time were not as good as now. But, I was stopped by customs at the London airport. They said I could only bring portable computers. I said to them, "I am carrying this now, so this should be a portable computer too!".  Hahaha.

- Can you do anything with your Mac and your current home-studio setup?

M-Swift: I want to have one more subwoofer so that I can arrange low sounds here too.  That way I don't have to rent a studio and I can record everything here.



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