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Two Guys Metal posted a review for "The Ashes Still Warm". 

Written by Matt Baggins
When I put on Heavensdusts The Ashes Still Warm I made the mistake of assuming that this Japanese act put out standard heavy J-Rock. I was shocked by their creative mix of modern rock, Japanese folk music and metallic hardcore. A destructive band who sweep the listener up into their epic soundscapes and haunting melodies Heavensdust is a most impressive act and they show the variety and might that the Japanese metal scene has. A explosive effort rife with great songwriting and incredibly heavy riffs The Ashes Still Warm is quite possibly the East Asian album of the year.

What really sets this band apart is their innovative use of folk instruments. Songs like Annihilation take on whole new levels of sound and majesty when they get to feature solos from traditional Japanese instruments. It helps to give the band a bit of an earthy sound and carries the listener back to the days of the legendary samurai. In addition, love the hardcore feel that many of the riffs have, it showcases the sheer aggression that this band is capable of producing. This faster and more metallic side helps to keep the music fresh and adds yet another dimension to the bands sweeping and impressive sound.

In conclusion, this album is a masterwork, an epic that transcends generations. Folk metal like you've never heard it before Heavensdust have a certain magic to them that seems to dominate their music.
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Thumbnail image for HD_The_Ashes_Still_Warm_400x400.jpgTRACK LIST 
01.  Distressed
02World Goes Gray
03  Drowning
04  Annihilation
05  Emerge From Silence
06  In My Sleep
07  Gaze (Through Your Heart)
08  Memories Dripping From Darkness
09  The Break 
10  The Ashes Still Warm
11  Eyes Of Secrets 
12  So Unclear
13  Where There Is Illusion

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